Criminal justice a+ rated | Business & Finance homework help



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Criminal justice a+ rated | Business & Finance homework help
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Watch the video titled “8 steps of criminal procedure” (8 min 9 s). Be prepared to discuss. Video Source: Jon Martinez. (2012, May 1). 8 steps of criminal procedure [Video file]. Retrieved from This video can be reviewed from within your online course shell.

Use the Internet to research the forms of indigent defense available at your state and local legal systems. Be prepared to discuss.

Question# 1(Week 6) “Criminal Trials”

From the first e-Activity, select one of the stages of the criminal trial. Discuss two of the procedures that you believe comprise the most important stage in the criminal process. Provide a rationale for your response.

From the second e-Activity, identify at least three different forms of indigent defense available in your state legal system, and discuss whether or not the forms you have identified are available to local indigent defendants.  

Question# 2 (Week 8) “Probation Today”

According to the text, many repeat violent offenders, even those who commit murder, rape, or assault, receive probation. Defend or critique the granting of probation for all who meet probation eligibility requirements. Support your response with concrete examples.

Question# 3 (Week 9) “Jails, Prisons, and the Incarcerated”

Give your opinion as to whether a lower inmate population equates to lower overall crime rates. Support your response with real-world examples


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