Critical analysis requirements | Human Resource Management homework help

Note: While this assignment is being made in Unit Two it will be due
at the end of Unit Four. Do not wait until the last minute to start
this writing assignment. The critical analysis must be directly
related to our course. The best place to look for a topic is the refer
to the table of contents in your textbook.

This is a research assignment.  Please find a current business
periodical online and choose an article from there.  The analysis will
include a Summary, Critique, and Tie-in discussion of how the
information in the article relates to our course.
Suggested Sources:

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Critical analysis requirements | Human Resource Management homework help
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Advertising Age, Business Week, Colorado Springs Business Journal,
Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, Inc. Magazine,
Wall Street Journal, The Economist
The specifications of the analysis are:

    Summary:  In your own words, summarize the main points of the
article.  If you quote directly from the article be sure to use
quotation marks and properly cite.  Minimum requirement is one full
    Critique:  Do you agree or disagree with the author, and more
importantly, why do you agree or disagree?  The material for this
section is how you justify your position.  That means using material
from the textbook, course material, etc. to backup your position and
is not strictly your personal opinion.  Minimum requirement is one
full page.
    Tie-in:  Specifically state the relevant business issues that are
contained in the article and how they relate to our course. You may
additionally tie-in the article to your career plans if applicable.
Carefully consider the tie-in connection when you are selecting your
article.  Be specific and cite the text chapters and key phrases (use
bold print) you reference.  Discuss fully.  Minimum requirement is one
full page.  Example:  ….relates to our text (Ch 5; Types of

Format Requirements:

    Reviews must be typed (12 point font with one inch margins all
around); double-spaced
    Include:  Your Name; Title of the Article; Periodical or Website
Used; URL link to the article; Section Headings (I. Summary, II.
Critique, III. Tie-in)

Grading for the critical analysis is as follows:

    Summary Section = 20%
    Critique Section = 30%
    Tie-In Section = 30 %
    Overall clarity, spelling, grammar, writing style, formatting,
adherence to instructions, etc. = 20%


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