Critical thinking journal #1 | English homework help

Each chapter 1-5 of the common reader,  “A More Beautiful Question” by Warren Berger, has its independent titles, yet within each,  there is a question that addresses a different question.  The general initial questions (in this book) requesting a response or being responded to are  What If, Why, Why Not, How ?

So, what if ? why ? why not?, how ? is your Beautiful Question? Upon reading each chapter’s content, WHAT challenge does the content raise for you and what question(s) does it challenge you to seek information and an answer for?

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Critical thinking journal #1 | English homework help
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It could be your own question, it could be a  question  proposed by the author. You decided.

TASK: Journal 1 : ” The Power of Inquiry “

After reading pages 1- 39  of A More Beautiful Question, Warren Berger, talk about  any thoughts, experiences, knowledge you have that corresponds to those of the author. What insights do you have about his information? What has peaked your interest on these pages ?  

Write up to (2) pages, DOUBLE SPACED in TIMES NEW ROMAN, 12 FONT “ONLY” !!   This is NOT A Book Report. Do not regurgitate the author’s information ( unless you are using it to express a point ). Apply your thoughts, experiences, etc… Critically think  it out and write it out.  No judgements ! 

Your papers should ONLY BE  titled as :  Last name, First initial, Journal #____, Pgs ______. 


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