Ctc101 – college success seminar unit 8 assignment: final paper

Unit 8 Assignment: Final Paper

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Ctc101 – college success seminar unit 8 assignment: final paper
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File Final Paper – Assignment Instructions.pdf (219.053 KB)

Throughout this course, you have learned skills and theories which you can use to improve yourself as a student as well as in your career and personal life. For your final assignment, you will be writing a reflective paper based on what you learned throughout this course. A reflective paper is designed to have you discuss topics while using your personal experiences as examples. This means that this paper is unique to every student since each person brings their experiences to this course and assignment.


Download and open the attached Final Paper Assignment Instructions

Follow the Assignment Directions and complete the assignment

Review the grading rubric to make sure you have completed the assignment correctly and earn the best grade possible


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