Culture and media | English homework help

You will recount your personal mass media use history and give examples of any effects it has had upon you. The paper should include sections on your preschool media use, your elementary school media use, your middle school media use, your high school media use, and your current media use. Each section should discuss your favorite media and why they are, how you used the media, and any effects from the media. For example, if you were a fan of “Saved by the Bell,” discuss the show and what you enjoyed about it and what effect it may have had on your perception of what high school would be like. Other examples of media effects might simply be remembering something you purchased after seeing it advertised in your favorite magazine or remembering that you learned Spanish words from “Sesame Street.” Finally, discuss how and why you fit into the demographic that the media were targeted toward. (Some Internet research on your favorite media will help with this. I recommend (Links to an external site.) as a meta-search engine.) Note: Please be honest. I don’t make any judgments on what people enjoy. 

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Culture and media | English homework help
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