Current events in education reflection 1-2 pages

The purpose of this assignment is for you to explore some current events in Education at the State and Local level. 

Explore these two websites.

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Current events in education reflection 1-2 pages
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1)The first is the United States Department of Education website at

2)The second is your state’s Department of Education website (in California, this can be found at

3)Dedicate at least one hour (a half an hour for each website) searching around the various parts of these websites, exploring all the content provided. 

4)Identify one article from each website that is related to a current trend or issue in education.


5)Write a summary of the two articles you chose in one to two pages MLA. 

Be sure to provide the name of the articles you selected and which website (out of the 2) you explored where they can be found.


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