Current issue powerpoint | Applied Sciences homework help

Current issue presentations (review due date on syllabus calendar) are solo:

Post your audio ppt (not google slides) under discussion (activities tab) under your assigned day.  Quizzes will come from these ppt.  If you do not know how to do an audio ppt, google it!  It is very simple. 

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Current issue powerpoint | Applied Sciences homework help
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1. Have color, pictures, etc. If you use graphic pictures, that is fine since this is a health class, but warn the audience before!

2. Although the ppt has no minimum, it does have a maximum of 5 minutes. 

3. Ensure you list & state:

a. what (define your item/procedure)

b. who (target market for procedure/item)

c. when (invented)

d. where (can get it done/bought)

e. why (would anyone choose to do this and also the dangers)

f. how (procedure is done/item is used & cost).

4. Introduce your name at beginning of presentation and must have references on last slide.


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