Curriculum philosophy…… its an attachment below ( please read

In Chapter 2, the author of your text discusses the connection between assumptions and beliefs and the profound effect our perception of these can have on our ability to become effective teachers. As Jaruszewicz (2013) explains, “Your growth as a teacher and your ability to create, manage, and facilitate an environment conducive to powerful learning depends on your willingness to honestly, intentionally, and regularly identify, examine, and revise your assumptions as needed” (section 2.4, para. 6). Reflecting on Jaruszewicz’s assertion about teacher growth and effectiveness, this discussion provides you with an opportunity to start creating your curriculum philosophy by comparing and contrasting your beliefs to curriculums seen in today’s early childhood classrooms. 

Initial Post: First, complete the Reflection & Decision Making Matrix. Attach your completed matrix to your discussion post by clicking the paperclip icon to add an attachment. Second, based on your completed matrix, create a curriculum philosophy statement. Your philosophy statement must be at least one paragraph, include at least one strategy you can use to effectively educate young children and be supported by at least one scholarly resource. 

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Curriculum philosophy…… its an attachment below ( please read
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