Cyber security threats and security models.research paper


On the discussion forum, please post a 500-word summary of the results of your research paper

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Cyber security threats and security models.research paper
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2. Respond to two classmates’ postings. Minimum 100 words per posting.

•           Initial post by tommow

•           Class member replies (due thrusday)

Rubric for Discussion Forum



Points possible


Initial response addresses question presented.-40pts

Word Count-500 words initial posting-10pts

Response to Classmates

Participant responds to two classmates, and response furthers the discussion, (e.g., asks a question, provides further information or examples, or introduces a different opinion (25 points/per posting). 100 words minimum word count for -50 pts

Total Points possible


it should be apa format .

citations ,refernces ,500 words ,plagarism free

100 words responses each -2 responses


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