Db 1 | Information Systems homework help

“Penetration testing in a corporate environment”

Imagine you are an information security manager. How would you consider utilizing penetration testing in a corporate environment? Are there situations in which you feel another technique is more appropriate? In a few sentences, describe the most important business areas and/or network infrastructure components that would be most and least beneficial to test. Recommend a website as a potential useful resource that outlines best practices for conducting an internal penetration test.

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Db 1 | Information Systems homework help
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  • Share with your classmates and provide links to any useful resources you find.
  • Flesh out your thoughts and interact with your classmates.  Post your initial response by Wednesday each week and then return on a couple of other days to see what’s going on with the discussions.  The more you interact, the more you learn from your peers,and the more you share with them about what you know.  You’ll also be showing your instructor what you’ve picked up.


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