Db’sw10 | Information Systems homework help

“Ecofriendliness” Please respond to the following:

  •  Green computing is the study and practice of ecofriendly computing resources. Green computing is often seen where huge data centers apply server virtualization to reduce the number of servers that would otherwise have to be installed. Determine what you believe is the most important benefit of virtualization and why.
  • There are companies who have opted to use energy sources other than fossil fuels in order to be ecofriendly. The MTN Group (see page 423 of the textbook) has used soybean biofuels to power its mobile base stations. They have seen a 40 to 60percent reduction in power requirements. Assess the benefits of using biofuels in terms of ecofriendliness, power consumption, public relations, and social responsibility.

“Location Services” Please respond to the following:

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Db’sw10 | Information Systems homework help
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  •  Smartphones,PDAs, and software such as Microsoft Office Communicator provide presence and location information of users when they are online, in a meeting, busy, or idle.Decide if the concerns raised by the broadcasting of presence and location information in terms of security, people’s movements, tracking of employees,and other privacy issues are valid concerns and explain why or why not.
  • Traffic jams are sometimes caused by drivers looking for a parking space. This leads to noise and air pollution. One suggested method of easing this problem is the use of wireless sensor networks which can alert drivers when a parking space becomes available. The alerts are delivered to smartphones or street signs.Identify the advantages and disadvantages of using wireless sensor networks to alleviate the problem.


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