Decisions assignment | Human Resource Management homework help

 Pick a decision you made recently that has had important consequences for you,  Using the material in Chapter 5, analyze how you made the decision and answer the following 6 questions (and sub-questions).

  1. Identify the criteria you used, either consciously or unconsciously, to guide your decision making.
  2. List the alternatives you considered. 
  3. Were they all possible alternatives? 
  4. Did you unconsciously (or consciously) ignore some important alternatives
  5. How much information did you have about each alternative?
  6. Were you making the decision on the basis of complete or incomplete information?
  7. Try to remember how you reached the decision. 
  8. In retrospect, do you think your choice of alternative was shaped by any of the cognitive biases discussed in chapter 5? 
  9. Having answered the previous five questions, do you think in retrospect that you made a reasonable decision?
  10. what if anything, might you do to improve your ability to make good decisions in the future? 


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Decisions assignment | Human Resource Management homework help
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