Designate a compliance officer | Applied Sciences homework help

OK, you know your Green Tree Hospital got one important thing right – they designated you as their compliance officer. Not only that; but word about your early good work in compliance is spreading. In fact, your hospital executive has appointed you to a committee to establish a set of uniform guidelines for the position of a compliance officer in order to standardize the position and possibly create an educational program for compliance officers on a national level.

Develop a list of at least three areas of responsibility that would be required of all health care compliance officers. Before you write anything, supplement your reading in this area by conducting an Internet search on companies currently seeking compliance officers within the health care industry. (Websites like and are helpful.) Review the responsibilities and duties of at least three different positions.

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Designate a compliance officer | Applied Sciences homework help
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Then, for each area, define what tasks would be involved with each area of responsibility. See the example below

Area Of Responsibility

Associated Tasks


1. Organize files
2. Determine job responsibilities
3. Develop schedules for regulatory visits

Submit your completed assignment to the drop box below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.



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