Designing a small system [re-write]

Outline/rough draft of paper has already been completed. Per the teacher comments (also noted below), please finalize this paper based on the following critiera:

Plan and Design a Small System:

Using the outline predefineded in the attached document, identify and document a full information system for a small company – applying basic steps of the SDLC to building an IT infrastructure for an electronic health care data system for an urgent care facility.

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Designing a small system [re-write]
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Some of the key technical issues to address include privacy, security, shared resources, data format, storage and common file format. The results should be presented in a 1800 to 2400 word paper (no more than 1.5 line spacing and no more than 12 point type) that details each step in the SDLC (Systems Development Life Cycle) with an emphasis on the technology outcome. 


The Waterfall SDLC model approach was chosen, and should be clearly articulated in this paper through the following steps:

  1. Complete a preliminary investigation, requirements analysis, and system recommendation
  2. Specify a detailed design based on your set of requirements.
  3. Develop the system according to your design specification.
  4. Outline how you would test the system and gain user acceptance.

In your submission, be sure to include any references used in APA style for your source information in a bibliography as well as cite them within the body of your paper.


**Please keep the outline as presented in the draft layout for this assignment. This draft has already been submitted and graded by the teacher with the following comments:


You do a great job on detailing the SDLC model and its elements but your draft lacked details on how you will implement a solution for your organization. I am going to go on the belief you will provide me a much clearer picture in your final paper. If I am wrong in this belief, let me know now. Thanks.


**Based on the teacher comments please be sure to also include implementing the system of choice to the organization.



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