Developmentally appropriate design of a preschool classroom

You will design a classroom for preschoolers with a variety of activity centers (minimum of 5) that demonstrates the understanding of a developmentally appropriate preschool classroom.

The Preschool classroom should include: 

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Developmentally appropriate design of a preschool classroom
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Minimum of 5 appropriate activity centers

A minimum of 2 exits

A sink


Area for group time


Noted in your design should be:

All activity centers are labeled

All areas support the learning environment

All areas are arranged to promote learning and prevent distractions

Areas should promote self-help skills 

You must also include a written description(a minimum of 5 sentences for each of the 3 sections) of how your design demonstrates:

self-help skills (of the children)

teacher/child interactions (how will you facilitate the learning?)

how the placement/materials of the learning centers influences learning (included here should be the materials that are in your centers and the purpose they serve, why did you place the centers where you did?)

******a minimum of 2 NCFELD indicators (for each of the 3 listed areas above) to support your explanation

Options for your design: You can draw your design on paper, scan/take a photo and then attach as a file, you can create a three dimensional model, take a picture and attach as a jpeg file, or create a design in word or paint and attach that.  You have many options to choose from for this assignment.

The following links may be useful as resources as you design your classroom layout: (design must be made, not copied or used from a site)

** (This link does not permit you to save your work, but you can use the print screen key on the right side of your keyboard and the ctrl key on the bottom to drop it into a word document.  Press those two keys at the same time on whatever screen you want to copy and paste it where you want it to go, like a Word document)


** (Lakeshore Learning Store, type Classroom Designer in the search bar)

** (Click on Room Designs)


All previous chapters

Chapter 3, pages 95-100

Websites listed above as well as classroom design examples and youtube videos


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