Dha 711 contemporary issues and the future of complex health care

Research contemporary issues that currently impact the future of complex health care systems. Some suggested topics include: Access to health care Reimbursement changes The Affordable Care Act Shortages of clinical professionals Narrow your research to 3 specific issues impacting the health care industry. Prepare a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation addressing your selected contemporary issues. Your presentation should include the following: An overview of each selected issue. Include the opportunities the issue generates along with its current and future impact on the health care industry. Propose two solutions to address each issue along with a justification for each. A strategic plan to address the risks to the future of complex health care systems for each selected issue. Include detailed speaker notes in your presentation. Format your presentation and speaker notes consistent with APA guidelines.


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Dha 711 contemporary issues and the future of complex health care
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