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Dwayne and Debbie Tamai Family of Emeryville, Ontario.

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Digital forensics evidence | Computer Science homework help
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Mr. Dwayne Tamai and Mrs. Debbie Tamai case of electronic harassment involved 15-year-old son, Billy, who took control of all of the electronic devices in the family’s home, including the phone, and manipulated them to the distress of other family members for his own amusement. The incidents began in December 1996, when friends of the family complained that phone calls to the Tamai home were repeatedly being waylaid, cut off missed messages, strange clicking and appears like a minor with a disembodied voice, unnervingly distorted by computer, who interrupted calls to make himself known.

After burping repeatedly, the caller frightened Mr. and Mrs. Tamai, and stated that I know who you are, and I stole your voice mail. Mocking, sometimes menacing, the high-tech stalker became a constant presence, eavesdropping on family conversations, switching TV channels, and shutting off the electricity.

The police department confirmed that the sabotage was an inside activity but refrain from releasing the name the culprit. The police further stated that nothing would be gained by filing charges against the suspect. Mr. Dwayne and Mrs. Debbie Tamai asserted that their son, Billy, had admitted engaging in the mysterious calls. The interruptions included burps, blathering and claims having control over the inner workings of the Tamai’s custom-built home, and the power to turn individual appliances on and off via remote control.

It started off as a witticism with friends and got out of control to an extent that he didn’t know how to end the entire operation, become afraid to come forward and tell the parents for the fear of us disowning him.

On Saturday, Mr., and Mrs. Tamai get organized and planned to take their son to the police department to defend him against persistent rumors on him. Instead, Mr., and Mrs. Tamai’s son confessed and labelled an intruder code-named, Sommy. Mr., and Mrs. Tamai eliminated all external sources and had confidence in interior sources. After 2-days, a team of investigators, intelligence and security experts loaded with high-tech equipment failed to locate Sommy. The next day, the team brought in two television networks to assist in the process.

In conclusion, the son, Billy not (Sommy) contacted the victims; (his biological parents), launched verbal threats in combination with the electronic harassment, in an effort to demonstrate his power and authority over them. The best option was, Mr., and Mrs. Tamai victims were not physically harmed, but terrified and greatly inconvenienced by the fact that the unknown force appeared to have control over a great many aspects of their lives, and the unknown force turned out to be their biological son, Billy.

Scenario: 1
Criminal motive is connected to emotional, psychological, and material need are often impel by means of behavior and independent of technology operation. These criminal tendencies are believed to champion the restoration of the criminal’s self-confidence, and self-worth which lead criminals to the path of temporary gratification, inadequacy, and incompetence.

Question 1

1:1 Provide a comprehensive narrative of Billy’s competency and creating emotional distress on his parents.

1:2 Identify the role of Sommy in this operation

Scenario 2

The police department confirmed that the sabotage was an inside activity but refrain from releasing the name the culprit. The police further stated that nothing would be gained by filing charges against the suspect.

2:1 What level of criminal behavior was exhibited by Billy in this operation?

2:2 The entire operation is classified as a serious domestic problem, why didn’t the police officer file charges against the suspect?

Scenario 3

3:1 Modern approach use computer and internet technologies identify offender modus operandi, criminal intent, and motive. 

3:2 Describe the impact of computer and internet technologies of Billy MO and criminal motive in this situation.


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