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Criminal Intelligence Analysis

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Disc and paper | Law homework help
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Intelligence Scandals and the Future

Over the last few years we have seen an increase in major intelligence scandals based on information about the intelligence community’s activities revealed by whistleblowers from within the community itself.

Whereas the legality of the whistleblowers’ actions is not of interest to us here, what impact do you think these and other scandals will have on the future of intelligence?

discussion only has to be 75-150 words




Interpreting a Social Network


Based on the required readings, lecture materials, scenario, and video for Week 5, you will turn in a word processing document with the following elements:


1. A cover sheet.


2. No less than four full pages of written text explaining who the TPD should target to take down El Movi and why. This section must include:


a. An introduction (no less than 5 sentences),


b. An explicit thesis statement (“This paper does this, this, and this.”),


c. The results of your social network analysis stating critical personnel based on an explanation of their functionality and centrality in the network,


d. And a conclusion answering the question, “So what?” about the rest of your paper (no less than 5 sentences).


3. You are welcome to include charts, graphs, tables, or other visualizations to support your assessment, but these will not count toward the required minimum length.


4. A bibliography of ALL sources used for your paper in APA format (use http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ as a guide if necessary).


Your assignment should carefully adhere to the following guidelines:


1. All formatting, from the structure of the paper to citations, should conform to APA guidelines.


2. All work must be original and in your own words. No direct quotes permitted.


3. Use a 12-point font with 1-inch margins, double-spaced.


4. All text should be written in standard prose (no bullet points).


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