Discussion 1.2 | English homework help

For this discussion board, you will discuss whether the “Dog Heaven” is political or not, and why you believe yes or no by pointing to evidence from the story. You need to include quotes from the story to support your claims. You can also paraphrase sections of the story to support your claims. 

To complete this assignment, you might break the story down into main events or themes that relate to the narrator’s life and story. Keep in mind, there is no specific right or wrong to this answer. However, there are certainly moments in the story you can point to in order to back up your claims (events, things people say, motifs, etc). When we analyze literature, we often do not have a concrete answer, so we have to connect the dots to come up with importance, themes, and takeaways in a story. Authors think this way when they write fiction, so even small moments are meant to illustrate something, or provide each reader with a different takeaway, even if they are varied reader by reader.

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Discussion 1.2 | English homework help
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Don’t forget that you must respond to at least two of your peers (you may respond to more). When responding, list any evidence that you found that your peer(s) may have left out. Be sure you make it clear why you believe what you state.

And make sure you meet the minimum word count.

initial post 250

reply to peer 100 each


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