Discussion. 2-3 paragraphs | Information Systems homework help

Managing Critical Infrastructure

Old timers in the field of information security have long been concerned with potential areas of weakness within critical infrastructure such as power plants, electrical grids, banking, and stock exchange systems. In the past decade, the federal government has been exploring the possibility of taking over responsibility for the security of this critical infrastructure rather than leaving it in the hands of the corporate owners who control these assets. In regard to its implications, the exploration has generated controversy.

Use the study materials and engage in any additional research needed to fill in knowledge gaps. Then discuss the following:

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Discussion. 2-3 paragraphs | Information Systems homework help
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  • Describe your position on the potential advantages of having the federal government take over security responsibility for critical infrastructure.
  • Describe your position on the challenges or concerns that have been identified related to the proposal that the federal government assume responsibility for securing critical infrastructure.
  • Explain an alternative proposal for securing the country’s critical infrastructure that does not include having the federal government assume control.


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