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Discussion 2 ma | Nursing homework help
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-Advocate for additional education in academic programs and work settings related to palliative care, including symptom management, supported decision-making, and end-of-life care, focusing on patients and families.


-Strive to attain a standard of primary palliative care so that all health care providers have basic knowledge of palliative nursing to improve the care of patients and families.


-Increase the integration of evidence-based care across the dimensions of end-of-life care.


 Promote work environments in which the standards for excellent care extend through the patient’s death and into post-death care for families.

From each subcategory of practice, education, research and administration above, 1) describe how the APRN can provide effective care in end of life management.

APA 7TH editor style

3 reference no more 5 years old

300 words minimum

no plagiarism


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