Discussion and assignment 5 | Computer Science homework help

Discuss the overall process of developing new software. Please note the differences between software development and methods.

Need 125 words on this topic with references and in a separate document.

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Discussion and assignment 5 | Computer Science homework help
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Assignment 1:


How is the IT function organized in your school or place of employment? Create an organization chart showing how the IT organization fits into your overall organization. Comment on how centralized or decentralized the IT function is.


Which software-development methodology would be best if an organization needed to develop a software tool for a small group of users in the marketing department? Why? Which implementation methodology should they use? Why?

The above assignments should be one page submitted in a single Word document with references. 

Assignment 2:

Chapter 7 – Review the section on dealing with multiple locations and outsourcing. Review figure 7.2 and note how virtual team communications further reiterates the importance of this model. (Information Technology and Organizational Learning)

Chapter 8 – Review the Siemens AG case study. Note the importance of understanding the interrelationships amongst all the senior leaders at every location. Pay special attention to Figure 8.1 and Figure 8.2. Note how the corporate CIO should engage with each of the regional leaders. Why is this important? (Information Technology and Organizational Learning)

The above submission should be two pages in length (one page for each question) and adhere to APA formatting standards with references included.


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