Discussion board prompt | English homework help


This assignment is worth up to three points. Be sure to complete all aspects of this assignment to obtain full credit. 

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Discussion board prompt | English homework help
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In a Discussion Board Post, reflect on your experiences in this course. Think back to when you started the term and where you are today. Using about 250 words, compose your answer to at least ONE of the following options. 

This should be completed by FRIDAY of Week 11 at midnight to allow everyone time to read and respond. 

  • What was something that you learned in this class that you did not expect to learn? 
  • What skill/techniques did you learn that you think will be most beneficial to you in your other courses or in your academic career as a nurse?
  • Before taking this class, what would/might have been your process for completing the research paper component of this course? How would you go about starting the project? Do you feel like you will approach future paper assignments differently?
  • Was there an aspect or skill that you feel was not covered? What topics do you feel could be added to this class?
    • Please use complete sentences, correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Tell us your thoughts and be as clear as possible. 

THEN, using 50-100 words or so, respond to at least TWO of your peers’ postings. This MUST be completed by SUNDAY of Week 11 at midnight to be eligible for credit. 


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