Discussion board week 6 — 1 and 2

 Discussion 1 The Evolution of Human Capital Management


In your studies for this unit, you have examined many facets of human capital management. Throughout the course, you have also examined the development and evolution of the field of human resource management.

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Discussion board week 6 — 1 and 2
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For this discussion, analyze the influence of human resource management on the evolution of human capital management. Specifically, how have human resource management models helped to shape human capital management practices?

Be sure to address employee recruitment and selection, or training and development, in your post. Provide examples, and use the course readings to support your statements. Recruitment, selection and training development represent core functions and responsibilities of the HRM professional. Doing these well is essential to becoming an expert in the field. Clients in all areas of work expect the HRM professional to perform these functions at a very high level.




Discussion 2.

Learning Organizations


The concept of the learning organization is relatively new in human resources management. Developing a learning organization approach can help the organization create and sustain a competitive advantage in the industry.

The Senge article from your studies for this unit describes the principles that define learning organizations. For this discussion, complete the following:

  • Evaluate the current state of your organization, using the principles and stages discussed in Senge’s article. (You can use the organization where you currently work or have worked, where you have volunteered, or where you have been involved in some way—as long as you have sufficient information to fully answer these questions.)
  • Identify the essential factors that would enable your organization to become a learning organization.
  • Describe what you could do, as an HRM professional in your organization, to help your organization transition into a learning organization.

 Both discussion need to have 3 paragraphs and 2 references



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