Discussion: coaching and mentoring skills you have learned how

Discussion: Coaching and Mentoring Skills

 you have learned how important performance management is for both employees and organizations. You have also explored how important a well-designed performance management program is to ensuring an organization’s success. Part of its success also relies on the ability of the manager to have the skills necessary to effectively work with employees as a mentor (a relationship built on trust, focused on the person and his or her individual growth and career) and a coach (a method of training, focused on an employee’s performance, giving advice, and monitoring progress). Based on a manager’s personal style, there are guidelines available to help with mentoring and coaching employees to successfully meet the short- and long-term objectives in their development plans. These skills will help managers to ensure they are effective in providing the guidance, support, advice, and training necessary so that employees have the confidence to achieve the desired competencies.

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Discussion: coaching and mentoring skills you have learned how
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Post a cohesive and scholarly response based on your readings and research this week that addresses the following:


Evaluate the performance management approach that would fit you, as a manager, and your personal style that you believe is most important in executing this role effectively. Why are these important skills for ensuring the success of a performance management program? Justify your response with references to your resources.



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