Discussion | Data warehouse | University of Denver

Q1)   In general problem solving is a necessary skill to have. We all encounter problems that need resolution sometimes they are big and sometimes they are small and we are able to resolve them rather quickly. Putting together what we have learned from creative problem solving and programming it’s a fusion of skills when writing code and understanding its outputs, and then analyzing the fact if it’s meeting the goals and results in your expecting to solve your problems. 

Q2)  Provide a small example of object-oriented concepts using real-life objects (cars, animals, books, devices) in plain language (not code). Concepts of OOP to demonstrate on these objects include; classes, objects, inheritance, and members. 

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Discussion | Data warehouse | University of Denver
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Q3)  Compare Django with another Python web framework. You will not have the time to develop anything with a different framework, but take a look at the documentation, reviews, and potentially sites that have been developed with the different frameworks. Describe the pros and cons of the different frameworks, including differences in the development process and the outcomes. 

Q4)  Discuss what is it about the nature of the Data Warehouse that prompts us to develop a different backup and recovery strategy. 

Q5)  Cyber Security has found itself in the mainstream press all too often in recent years. What is often not discussed is the security of databases in general and the security of the Data Warehouse in particular. Discuss why we do not solely rely on the security provided by the security team and implement various types and levels of security in the Data Warehouse. 


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