Discussion: management and leadership roles

Discussion: Management and Leadership Roles

Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector

Note: You are required to complete the Application Assignment prior to completing the Discussion for this week.

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Discussion: management and leadership roles
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Last week, you explored the responsibilities of the board of directors, which is one important component of management and leadership within NPOs. In addition to a board, NPOs also have an executive director and staff members in positions of leadership, all of whom must have management and leadership skills if the organization is to be successful. NPOs need excellent managers and leaders to spearhead the organization and oversee the implementation of programs and services that support the organizational vision and mission.
In this Discussion, you will highlight the similarities and differences between management and leadership roles.

To prepare for this Discussion:

Review this week’s Learning Resources, focusing on the characteristics of effective leaders.
You may also wish to review Chapter 2 in The Complete Guide to Nonprofit Management, focusing on the leadership and management responsibilities of the executive director.
Consider the similarities and differences between managers and leaders.
Think about how managers and leaders within NPOs complement and relate to one another.
Reflect on the information you received from the executive director you interviewed in the Application Assignment.

With these thoughts in mind:

Due Thursday a comparison (similarities and differences) of management and leadership roles and responsibilities. Base your post on your readings and on the interview with the executive director. Give specific examples.



  • Course Text: Drucker, P. F. (2005). Managing the Nonprofit Organization: Principles and Practices.
    • Part 1, “The Mission Comes First” (pp. 3–4 9)
    • Part 5, “Developing Yourself” (pp. 189–2 19)



Video: Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2008). Introduction to nonprofit sector: Management and leadership. Baltimore: Author. http://youtu.be/LuyQyieuddE

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.


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