Discussion on – business reporting and visual analytics | Business Intelligence

 Create a new thread and address the following discussion question.

For any organization or business, people within these environments will have to make decisions.  These decisions are important because they:

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Discussion on – business reporting and visual analytics | Business Intelligence
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  • Offer more information and knowledge to tackle problems
  • Offer more diversity and or alternatives
  • Offer groups of people opportunity to combine knowledge and information enhancing the quality of decisions.
  • Offer more opportunity for the acceptance of decisions when combined collaboratively.

When knowing this, people within an organization will have access to a variety of tools which will be used to support these decisions.  In these cases, why would data based analytic reports need to include visualizations, like charts, in efforts to enhance the decision-making process.

Discussion Expectations

Please make sure to proof read your post prior to submission. They should be well written and free of grammatical or typographical errors.

Initial postings are due by Wednesday. You are encouraged to post your follow-up comments to different students and you can do more than two if you want and these peer replies are due by Saturday.  Postings should include scholarly detail with research support where appropriate

Important Reminder:  Assessment of discussion boards and other writing assignments account for 50% of overall grading and below are how grades will be assessed for this discussion board:


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