Discussion on security measures and risks within supply chain

8 total questions to be answered. No nedd for APA formating. Just answer the questions with a min of 75 words each. 


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Discussion on security measures and risks within supply chain
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WK4 T1:

What are the strategic benefits and risks of global sourcing? What is the most important risk management concern in your organization? What is the importance of training in risk management? What considerations arise when doing business globally?


2) What are the differences in currency exchange rates. “E-Business activities increasingly involve transactions and exchanges that must be trusted and secure”  (Papazoglou & Ribbers, 2006 , ). If you use an ERP system, will it handle multiple currencies?  Also, will it be able to keep up with the changes to the currency exchange rates?


WK 4 T2

3) What supply chain management monitoring mechanisms does your company employ? How successful are they? How can they be improved? How does your company measure vendor performance? How does your company act on the measured results? How do you balance assurance of supply with the number of vendors used?


4)  Identify the key components of e-commerce business models.

      Describe the major B2C business models.

a)       Describe the major B2B business models.


5) Identify the key security threats in the e-commerce environment.


6) Describe how technology helps secure Internet communications channels and protect networks, servers, and clients.


7) Describe the features and functionality of electronic billing presentment and payment systems.



8)  Identify the major e-commerce payment systems in use today.


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