Disscussion replies in own words

1: I found this video interesting because even though we all know that businesses just want enough people to get the job done, and not more as that would be a costly venture. I had just never heard that put to words, in the military we always seem to be understaffed and are always looking for others to join up to help carry the load. Being overstaffed is not something that we see very often at more work centers. I can see how this is a balancing act for the Human Resources department and how they would need extensive analytics to ensure all stays running smoothly. They 

would also need to watch the attrition rate of the business to ensure they can hire and train people in time to fill any losses in positions.

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Disscussion replies in own words
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2:es, proper staffing means a combination of having enough people to perform the required mission and at the same time not having too many people where it degrades profitability as well as performance.  How would you determine whether or not a particular organization or section had the correct number of people assigned to it?

3:Group projects are very important in some cases and HRM needs to make sure they chose the correct person to contribute enough to the group, so they don’t have to hire more people than needed. HRM has to be sure that everyone gets their role correct, the job will run more efficiently. We have to be sure to not over staff and over spend or we will not succeed as a company. HRM really makes sure their is a work life balance and the right driven organization for the business to succeed. An interview should cover everything about the role they are inquiring about. This is helpful when searching for new employees and how to approach the best possible candidate.

Good information. The question becomes, how do you determine whether or not a person is a good fit for a team project or not? What skills or abilities would you want this person to have?


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