Dissertation on the following question; does social media have a


What to mention:
-Define social media (include the main sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat)
-Include Demographics (age, gender)
-Define the impact on teenagers
-Mention the positive impacts (worldwide communication/ friendships, could be used as a career, able to share photos and videos)
-Mention the negative impacts (Cyber-bullying, time-wasting, stalking, fake news, anxiety, stress, self-esteem issues and sharing of inappropriate content)
Suggested lengths and information for dissertation:
· Whole report: Roughly 6000 words

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Dissertation on the following question; does social media have a
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Formatting: Harvard Writing and Citation style
Further Specific Instructions

· Introduction: Roughly 800 words and should include; a statement of your research question (which should be an expanded and more detailed statement of your project’s title), a rationale for your choice of project objectives, definitions and explanations of key terms used in your project, an exploration of different aspects of your research question. Write a first draft of this section when you write your research question then come back and change or add to it as you go along.
· Research review: Roughly 1850 words and should include a survey of the source material which is relevant to your research question. While you may want to write this by simply going through the sources one at a time, a research review will be stronger if you organise the source material into a coherent narrative. A simple way of doing this is to write the review in an historical way tracing out the main developments in chronological order.
Also should include a critical account of the sources you have consulted. You should evaluate your source material, distinguishing where relevant between fact and opinion and commenting on issues like influences, objectivity and reliability. All your sources should be identified and there should be full references to them in the bibliography.
This section is the best place to start the main work on your project. You should also construct the bibliography while you work on this section.
· Discussion/development/analysis: Roughly 2750 words and should include an account of the development of your own ideas in response to your research question. A well-written account of the development and realisation of your ideas will highlight the reasons for the point of view you have adopted, as well as addressing counter arguments or alternative interpretations. Start thinking about this section and making notes for it as you produce the research review. Start to write this section when you have more or less completed the research review. If you draw on any additional sources, be sure to include references to them and add them to the bibliography.
· Conclusions/evaluation: Roughly 400 words and should include a statement of your conclusions and the reasoning behind them. Also an evaluation of your project to include; what skills you have developed during your work, what you have learnt about the research process and methodology of your project, what might have you done differently and how might your project be extended by further work.
· Abstract/project outline: Roughly 200 words and should include; the project’s aims, the main ideas, arguments and theories that you explored and the conclusion that you reached. Write this section last.
Bibliography: No word limit but should include a list of all your information sources, presented in a clear and logical fashion and following recognised conventions, including full details of author, title,  


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