Dit case study | Information Systems homework help

 Below is the abstract of my team:  


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Dit case study | Information Systems homework help
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Hospitals and Clinics in the United States do not have a standardized patient record system. Hospitals generally do not create records with the purpose of easy accessibility to other providers. Different hospital groups will use other patient record management software. When patients transfer to a new provider, they must either bring hard copies of their records or request that one provider transfer them to the new provider. Since providers do not always use the same system, continuity of care becomes a monumental task for multiple providers. To increase patient care quality and reduce overall operating costs of hospital administration, hospitals should adopt a unified patient record standard. The initial project would require significant investment, and it would be a driver function. After the system’s maturity, it could be licensed and outsourced and become a supporting hospital and clinic function. The challenge will have a highly available system that is still HIPAA compliant.

Keywords: Health Care, Patient Record System, Strategic Information Technology, Data Management, HIPAA, Data Ownership. 

Work to do (below is what I need you to do)

read very well the abstract to better understand what we are working on. The leverage that to the attached document to work on overview and discussion below.

Use the attached document (case study) to write 1 page of overview (well done) and 2 pages of discussion (well done).



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