Dit630 research paper (rp01) | Information Systems homework help

RP01 Description: Data Visualization Function

Since our scope of this course is using various data analysis techniques in R, I would like to have the research paper to use what we have learned in regards to this particular language. Be creative, and search for newly developed packages and functions that can be employed to better achieve your task. In your paper, discuss your logic in developing your function, and explain any newly developed aspects using appropriate peer-reviewed references. Include your function in an appendix.

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Dit630 research paper (rp01) | Information Systems homework help
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The paper should be 7 pages, double-spaced, 12 font-size, excluding the title and reference pages, using APA format, with at least 5 recent, scholarly, peer-reviewed references. As in any scholarly writing, students should not merely copy information from another author, but use evidence to support the contentions they have drawn from their findings and critically analyze related literature – each paper needs to be an analytical paper, not a summary of readings.


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