Diverse teams | Human Resource Management homework help

Diverse Teams 

Due Tuesday, 5/22/18 

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Diverse teams | Human Resource Management homework help
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Length:  1,000–1,200 words with a min. 2 scholarly references 

Define and explain the term “diversity.”

Apply principles, concepts, and techniques from the course to case studies and exercises.

Analyze personal, professional, and organizational issues as they relate to diversity.

Remaining competitive in a global economy frequently means moving from a national to a transnational organization. Developing teams that cross national boundaries is becoming a strategic business need. 

Address the issues associated with having a transnational team with members who reside in multiple countries. 

Respond to the following questions:

—  How would you determine team composition in a multinational team? 

—  How will you address the diversity of cultures within the team? 

—  Because the team will operate in a virtual existence, what structure and support will this team need to foster productivity? 

—  How will you measure the success of the team? 

—  What are the characteristics you will look for in a leader of this team? 


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