Dr…rocal only | English homework help

This homework consist of part A and part B. In part A, you need to find 3 claims from each article and then analysis the claims. Totally 3 claims are required. Then express your opinion whether u agree or disagree with the claims and write a paragraph, no more than half a page. 2 articles are required which means 6 claims and 6 analysis and 2 paragraphs of your own opinion.

For the analysis, you only need to write 4-5 lines. In part B, you need to write 2 paragraphs. The first paragraph you need to summarize the article named article 3 from the attachment and the second paragraph you need to describe how this source will contribute to my former research paper—Fleur which I attached on the attachment.  Each paragraph you need write half a page. MLA style. Due 3/19/2017 17:00 EST

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Dr…rocal only | English homework help
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The form of the essay u can refer to the attachment named Example.


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