Due noon on 4/12/17 | Nursing homework help

Due 4/12/17 @12:00 p.m. 100 percent original with 400-600 words with at least 2 references APA format.

Public and private health insurance plays a very significant role in the delivery and funding or reimbursement of health care services, making it very important that all health care professionals understand, at a minimum, the basics of health insurance. For this assignment, you are required to discuss the following:

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Due noon on 4/12/17 | Nursing homework help
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  • Provide a definition of both private and public health insurance, and discuss the differences between private and public health insurance.
  • Choose 1 public health insurance program (e.g., Medicare, Medicaid, or Children’s Health Insurance Program), and discuss the basics of that program and the financial impact it has had on health care delivery in the United States.


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