Due today in 5 hours….. half page

this is due today in 5 hours…… no late work….. half page 


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Due today in 5 hours….. half page
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this is due in 5 hours……. must have done in 5 hours….. half page is fine 

read below: 

 Clinical Supervision Model in education

  • Have you ever worked in a situation where the clinical supervision model in education was used to look at problem situations?  This could be either in a supervisory or peer based model and it could have happended formally or informally.  If so, how effective was that process for you?  Share a bit of your experience.  Include a brief scenario, and how the process of observation/conferencing worked.  If you have not had such an experience, think of a time when this might have been helpful.  Again, describe the scenario and tell us what you think may have happened to help resolve it.

Just make up a scenario where you used this.  


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