E-commerce requirements | Information Systems homework help

5–6 pages) 

E-commerce Web sites impact many different areas of an organization—from sales, through accounting and manufacturing, to shipping. The requirements phase is extremely important for the e-commerce Web site. The requirements phase allows you to gather a list of requirements from the external and internal users. This document will be very helpful to the development and testing team.

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E-commerce requirements | Information Systems homework help
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For this project, you will be adding the Requirements section to your E-Commerce Implementation Plan document and begin work on your prototype e-commerce Web site. First, review the sample requirements document available in your unit resources.

Complete the following tasks:

  • Update the E-Commerce Implementation Plan document title page with a new date and project name.
  • Include following details in the Requirements section:
    • Functional Requirements (these should align with your sample site for your prototype)
    • Non-functional Requirements (for example, security, performance, quality issues)
    • Estimated cost and timeframe
    • Stakeholders – Identify key stakeholders who should have input on the requirements
  • Include the following details in the Prototype Design section:
    • Site Map
      • Use Visio or another drawing tool to create a map of the sample code site,
      • Discuss modifications to pages you will need to make to create your prototype site
    • Code Overview
      • Language(s) used in the sample code
      • Summary of sample site code design (use UML diagrams such as class diagrams where appropriate)
      • Discuss modifications to code or the design you might need to make for your prototype
  • Be sure to update your Table of Contents before submission.
  • Name the document as follows: yourname_ITSD325_IP2.doc


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