Early childhood education circus thematic web, center descriptions

Part 1-Theme, thematic web, center description:  

Age Group: 3-4 years old

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Early childhood education circus thematic web, center descriptions
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Theme: Circus


✓ Then, students will complete a thematic web centered around the creative arts: visual arts, music, movementdrama, technology, and play –briefly discussing two activities for each creative arts category.  

✓ Students will create two center descriptions for the art center and the dramatic play center. The dramatic play center description should center around your chosen integrated project theme. For each description, students need to include:

-1 paragraph description about the center set-up- How would you set-up the center? Where would you place tables, materials, rugs, etc..

-1 paragraph description clearly identifying materials you would include in each of the centers and an explanation discussing why you would include the materials. 

– Include a blueprint/picture for each of the centers: art and dramatic play- include the set-up, the materials, etc…


Part 2- 2 Lesson plans: Using the thematic webstudents will write two original arts integrated lesson plans centered around their chosen theme.Each lesson plan will integrate content area, creative thinking, and the creative arts:  visual arts, music, movementdrama, technology, and playfor young children. Students are expected to use the Trinity Lesson plan.


Part 3- Write-up and Reflection: You will submit a paper (APA style) which will be a minimum of 2 pages and max of 3 pages long. Include a reference page. In your paper, you will cite from the course textbooks, course articles, and the NAEYC position statements to support your findings. 

✓ In the first paragraph discuss the chosen theme and age group and a summary about the importance of integrating the arts into the classroom.

✓ In the second paragraph discuss your thematic web and lesson plans and identify two ways you ensured to integrate content and the arts into your lesson plans.

✓ In the third paragraph discuss the instructional materials from the arts were used during the project and the rationale for using the materials.  How did you choose them? How did you know the chosen materials were developmentally appropriate?

✓ In the fourth paragraph identify two strategies you used in your project that would allow children the opportunity for exploration and discovery.  

✓ In the fifth paragraph write a conclusion paragraph- Overall, how did you feel about the project.  What are your take-aways about arts integration?


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