Edpt 516: vocational and transition planning module 1 assignment

 EDPT 516 Module 1 ActivitiesResearch Entry #1 (due on 06/08)  

Provide one or more paragraphs for each response.

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Edpt 516: vocational and transition planning module 1 assignment
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 Use the APA format to cite the source of the response.

1.    Provide a definition for transition as it relates to Special Education

.2.    Discuss the following models used for transition planning and services:Bridges From School to Working LifeThe Halpern ModelThe Kohler Model

3.    How is transition addressed in IDEA 2004?

4.   Describe how federal Special Education legislation and initiatives have affected transition services and access toeneral education

5.    Discuss how federal legislation has affected career and technical education programs.

6.    Explain how educational reform, especially standards-based education, has affected secondary special education and the delivery of transition services to students with disabilities.

Transition Key Terms (definitions are due on 06/08)

Research and provide a detailed definition/explanation for each item. Use the internet and textbook for this assignment. (detailed explanation should consist of a paragraph and a citation for the source of the definition)

1. Career-vocational education

2. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act

3. IDEA 2004 provisions related to transition services

4. Pathways Model

5. No Child Left Behind Act 2001 provision related to transition

6. Person centered planning


8. Universal Design for Learning 


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