Edu. 381 curriculum & instructional design week 2 dq2

Common Core Standards in Reading


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Edu. 381 curriculum & instructional design week 2 dq2
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The Common Core Standards reading standards focus on a holistic view of comprehension as an evolving skill and emphasize developing meaning from the beginning stages of reading development.  These standards are presented in grade level bands that are designed to facilitate critical reading and thinking skills.   

Choose one grade-level band, and read the reading standards presented in the Common Core Standards.



 How do the reading standards at this level support the development of critical reading and thinking skills? Give at least one example.

Make sure to refer to Chapter 3 of your text, additional resources and your own insights/experiences.




Please feel free to ask me any questions in regards to this DQ. Thank You!


Book: Hansen, C.B., Buczynski, S., & Puckett, K.S.  (2015). Curriculum and Instruction for the 21st Century. Bridgepoint Education.



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