Educ 1300 discussion question. | Education homework help

Let’s ‘assume’ this is an assignment to be completed by EDUC 1300 students: Students will use the CRAAP criteria to decide the reliability of fives websites to ensure that only valid information is included in their Career Research Reports.


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Educ 1300 discussion question. | Education homework help
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Based on the information above, address the following two questions using at least 150 words:


1. There are six levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. The assignment mentioned at the top primarily targets ONE level of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Which level of Bloom’s Taxonomy is the assignment targeting? (30 points)

2. Explain and justify your decision in details. (70 points)


Remark: You can only post your answers once and only your first post will be graded. You will be able to see your classmates’ replies after posting yours. Hence, it will be unfair if you edit/revise your responses after taking others’ into consideration.

I attached pages from the book


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