Educational powerpoint | Education homework help

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Assignment Introduction

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Educational powerpoint | Education homework help
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Presenting the results of a study in a meaningful, understandable, and defensible manner is a critical component of any research endeavor. The results of an action research study might be presented to a Board of Trustees, Corporate management team, a board of education, or a group of colleagues. These audiences may be responsible for implementing interventions from the study or adjusting practice through the knowledge gained from the study. Finally, as an action researcher you have provided yourself with the tools to take more control over your professional life.

Assignment Directions

Using the material you have developed in each of the unit’s Discussion in this course, prepare a PowerPoint® presentation to summarize your study and your results. You should not be merely writing a research report using PowerPoint® but creating a true presentation. That means using bullet points and providing the essential information needed for someone to really understand what you did and what you found.

 Using the PowerPoint® template complete the following:

  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Literature Review
  4. Descriptive statistics for your results
  5. Tests of hypotheses
  6. Conclusions and Reflection on your study
  7. References in APA format


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