Employee business law week 7 discussion question

Topic 1:

Your boss comes to your office. He has just seen a YouTube video.

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Employee business law week 7 discussion question
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A single persom appears in the video.  Although he appears in the shadows in an effort to hide his identity, the boss clearly recognizes who it is.

The person names the company and makes disparaging remarks about the boss and the company. He also complains of unsafe conditions – some of which you know or strongly suspect are true.

The person recently received an unfavorable performance evaluation. The boss wants to fire the employee immediately. You attended an HR conference and learned that the NLRB has spoken on this subject. 

How do you suggest he proceed?


Topic 2:

You have learned that an employee is writing a publicly-accessible blog. He is using his own name, and the name of the company.

In his blog he makes accurate and humorous comments on fellow employees – who you easily recognize from his descriptions.  Some of these comments are unflattering.

How, if at all, would you respond to this?  

[Or, in lieu of No. 2 “The proposed Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) would fundamentally change the way unions are organized and recognized by employers, altering an established,  80 year old secret ballot system.  Do you favor or oppose enactment of EFCA? Why or why not?]


Be sure to interact with at least one classmate on each question. Thank you. 


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