Employment law case analysis 3

Select two court cases (from different chapters) from the list below, and respond in writing to the case questions. The written analysis of both cases should be approximately 2-3 pages total; use parenthetical citations and a corresponding works cited list when referencing specific information from the text or other sources, and follow other prescribed guidelines for APA format.


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Employment law case analysis 3
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* Lanier v. City of Woodburn (Ch 6, p 169) Not in 4th Ed


* EEOC v. Dial Corp. (Ch 6, p 185)


* Lanning v. SEPTA (Ch 6, p 191)


* Everson v. Michigan Department of Corrections (Ch 7, p 204)


* Back v. Hasting on Hudson… (Ch 7, p 217)


* Dunlap v. Tennessee Valley Authority (Ch 7, p 221)




BA370 Case Analyses 3


BA/370 Case Analyses 3


BA 370 Case Analyses 3



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