En1320: module 4 writing for different genres

EN1320: Module 4 Writing For Different Genres
Lab 4.1
Writing a Profile

In your textbook Writing Today, the authors note that “profiles try to create a snapshot of a person by
taking a specific angle that allows the writer to capture something essential—an insight, idea, theme, or
social cause” on p. 63. Profiles are created for many purposes such as for magazines and newspapers, social
media sites, career networking publications, workplace biographies, resumes and cover letters, and even for
introductions in online and classroom discussions.

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En1320: module 4 writing for different genres
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For this lab exercise, complete the following:
Create a profile that you could use to help your peers, coworkers, or future employers become
better acquainted with you professionally.
Follow the prewriting steps for inventing content and choosing an appropriate angle and audience.
Draft the profile and submit after carefully reviewing and editing to make appropriate revisions.
Submission Requirements:
Submit your responses in a Microsoft Word document with the following specifications:

Font: Arial, 12-point

Spacing: Double

Format: APA style

Length: 250 words

Note: You will have two attempts to work on this assessment. The instructor will issue a grade on the first
draft submission. After receiving comments and feedback from your instructor, you have the option to
revise the lab and submit it for regrading. If a second attempt is not submitted, the grade for the first
attempt will be scored as the final grade for the assessment.
Evaluation Criteria:
Your submission will be evaluated against the following criteria using the lab rubric:

Does your profile follow a clear and appropriate pattern of organization?

Does your profile engage the audience and incorporate an angle that is appropriately developed for
the audience?

Did you include a topic sentence, five supporting detail sentences, and a concluding sentence for
the paragraphs in your profile?

Does your submission adhere to the word count and formatting requirements?



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