Energy project report | Engineering homework help


In this report, we will investigate the pathways for Puerto Rico and its future power grid.  There are several recent articles that discuss what has happened since  hurricane Maria in 2017.   The Puerto Rico Integrated Resource Plan 2018-2019 was intended to propose a path forward.   In this assignment, we will investigate the proposed solution by the Department of Energy in 2018.

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Energy project report | Engineering homework help
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copy of 2018 DOE Report on Resilient Grid for Puerto Rico  or direct link to DOE (Links to an external site.)

Uploaded below and found here:


Write report on  report ( ~5-10 pages total, single spaced, 1″ margins)

  • Include (Grade Weight 25% Each):
    1. A brief summary of the report (~1-2 page)
    2. A comparison of the alternative scenarios, not including the FEMA immediate solution (~1-2 page)
    3. A discussion of microgrids as proposed in Rubric element 3  (~1-2 page)
    4. A thoughtful criticism of the report (~1-3 page).  We discussed the solutions in more detail, how did these early plans stand the test of hindsight.
    5. An LCOE comaprison.

It should not be necessary to use additional material, although you might look at some of the report’s references.   Upload your report file (pdf or doc) by the due date and time. Be sure that it meets all criteria described in the instructions above.

Key Ingredients for a Great Report

Project Goals

  • Develop skills to evaluate a power portfolio and make suggestions for improvements.
  • Critically analyze the report’s analysis and communicate your critique in writing.
  • Identify how a high level energy portfolio analysis should look and what it’s intended goals are.
  • One paper per student submitted. I encourage you to work with your group, and in the paper the contributions of each member should be identified. 


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