Eng 112 week 8 | English homework help

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Eng 112 week 8 | English homework help
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First homework) —Directions 


1.      Develop THREE (3) well-developed paragraphs about the assigned film’s connection to the American Dream.


 In the first paragraph and second paragraphs, discuss how specific scenes in the film reflect the achievement of the American Dream OR the disillusionment with the American Dream by one or more of the characters or the plot, setting or other elements of the film. 

In the third paragraph, discuss how the American Dream is achieved (or falls short) in context with ONE of the readings on the American dream assigned in this unit (see Assignment 1).


2.      Provide clear and specific examples from the film, including quotes or paraphrases from the selected reading as necessary to support your assertions.  Be sure to properly integration any in text citations in MLA format. 

3.      Add a Works Cited at the end of your analysis. (Don’t forget to cite the film you watched, as well as the articles you referenced in your post).


4.      Post your analysis in Film Discussion in the Group Forum by creating a thread within the discussion board. NOTE: Do not post in the Forum page itself but within the discussion forum for which you will have to create a thread.





Second homework —- Film Argument Essay 



  1. Create your 750-1250 word essay on the film assigned to your group. Your essay must have a strong argument thesis that asserts the connections between the American Dream theme and the film. The essay must use correct formatting according to MLA in terms of spacing, heading, font, indenting, in-text citation, works cited, etc.  For help with how to formulate an argument or correct formatting see Argument in the Unit/General Resources tab at left. 
  2.  Save your file as an .RTF format and submit as an attachment using the BLUE link above.  Be sure to click the Submit button or I won’t receive your file.  When I have finished grading your essay, you may view my comments by re- clicking the link above


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