Engineering fundamental hw | Applied Sciences homework help


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Engineering fundamental hw | Applied Sciences homework help
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I have an assignment about Engineering Fundamental class it is 5 questions. The most important thing is, PLAGIARISM free.


The questions is :

1- How many cubic yards of concrete is required to construct 1 mile of interstate highway?

2- How many gallons of gasoline are burned when the students in this class leave for school break. assuming only one-way travel?

3- If all the land (both currently habituated and all the inhabitable land) were divided equally among all the people now living, how much land would each one have?

4- How many time do my rear tires rotate if I drive around the perimeter of campus?

5- A cubic meter of air has a mass about 1.2 kilograms. What is the total mass of air within 1,000 feet of sea level on planet Earth?




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