English 2 writing assignment | English homework help

Language in Society

1st assignment:

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English 2 writing assignment | English homework help
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Answer the questions by following the instructions :

 Who does and who does not use language? How do animals use or not use language? How and in what ways do humans use language? How do humans learn to use language? How is language use and language learning essential to the human experience?

Instructions :

Consists of 2-3 substantial, thoughtful, and well-organized paragraphs

• Ideas, paraphrasing, and quotation must be cited completely and properly according to APA style 

(otherwise it is plagiarism)

o Must use in text citations in your paragraphs when referencing readings

o Must include reference section at the end with full citations of all readings used in post

• Do not incorporate personal beliefs, experiences, or opinions

• This is meant to be a more academically rigorous discussion based on textual analysis of scholarly 


2nd assignment


Write the blog by following the instructions :

properly cited in APA style 

• Consists of 4-5 substantial, thoughtful, and well-organized paragraphs 

Focus the blog on ideas raised in the video of Goodall’s talk.

here are some possible directions to take for the blog:

What about language makes us human and how does that make us different from other species on Earth?

Why is language essential to the human experience?

o  Remember you must include one image

This is the video: 

Goodall’s talk


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